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Terms and Condition

General International Terms & Conditions for quality:
    • During visual inspection of the material at Customs, if you find any deviation in the quality as per quality ordered, please inform us immediately.
    • We will talk to our supplier and act according to supplier's request.
    • If buyer observes that there will be quality problems in the material, after discussions with supplier, buyer should either unload the cntr at his yard/factory and segregate the material and send us the report, In case the quality problem is critical, we can be present during segregation of the material. If supplier wants to go in for third party inspection, buyer has to organize third party inspection at their cost and has to send us the report. Based on the report, supplier, Indenter and Buyer will amicably settle the issue.

  • WEIGHT :
    • As soon as the cntr is cleared from customs, weigh it in customs itself, if possible.
    • During transit from Customs to destination, weigh it at 2-3 different computerized weigh scales.
    • In case you find any shortage (more than 1% weight tolerance allowed), please call us immediately and do not open/tamper the container seal. Please wait for further instructions from our side.
    • We will discuss with supplier and either personally inspects the container or buyer has to appoint Third party inspection agency to check the weight at their cost. The cost finally will be borne by the loser or amicably settled.

    • Please note that whenever there are quality complaints, matter cannot be solved within hours or days. As per our experience it normally takes more than 7-21 working days to settle the problem. This time duration may exceed depends upon the gravity of the matter and the proceeds of the claim.
    • Please note that Supplier is interested to settle any claims arising out of his material, as supplier wants to have a reputed name in the market and wants to continue the business with existing buyers.
    • As an Indenter, we are always there to see that the buyer's genuine claims are settled amicably and the buyer is satisfied with the efforts of Indenter. If we do not give service to buyers, they are not going to revert back with further orders.
    • Please note that in case of claim, Supplier and Buyer has to amicably arrive at a settlement and foresee the future business. During this process, Supplier and Buyer may have small financial burden, but we guarantee that we will reimburse/give concession in next orders and compensate for the loss.
    • As we are dealing with scrap and not semi-finished or finished products, we may sometime have some quality complaints in the material.
    • Supplier is not responsible for any claim, if the container is already unloaded.

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