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Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous scrap is one of the most recycled materials in the world today with over 50% of the world's steel produced from scrap.

Ferrous metal scrap is scrap of iron and steel. This generally includes the scrap metal from automobiles, steel beams, equipment, appliances, ships, railway tracks, as well as food packaging and other containers. Scrap metal accounts for the largest volume in terms of the metal turned to scrap in the world. It can be classified into 80 general grades and over 40 grades of railroad scrap and additional grades of alloy scrap.
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HMS1&2_Image Shredded_Scrap_Grade_211_Image 12_C_fs_Image
HMS1&2 Shredded Scrap Grade 211 12 C fs
Bales_fs_Image Cast_Iron_Borings_fs_Image Cast_Iron_fs_Image
Bales fs Cast Iron Borings fs Cast Iron fs
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Cast_Iron_Rail_Chairs_fs_Image Dexion_Punchings_fs_Image Grey_Iron_fs_Image
Cast Iron Rail Chairs fs Dexion Punchings fs Grey Iron fs
Light_Steel_Cutting_fs_Image New_Prod_Grade_17_fs_Image New_Production_Baled_Scrap_fs_Image
Light Steel Cutting fs New Prod Grade 17 fs New Production Baled Scrap fs
Oversize_Profile_fs_Image Penny_Punchings_fs_Image Pin_Head_Punchings_fs_Image
Oversize Profile fs Penny Punchings fs Pin Head Punchings fs
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Plates_and_Girder_Image Short_Construction_fs_Image Short_Profile_fs_Image
Plates and Girder Short Construction fs Short Profile fs
Short_Shredded_Scrap_fs_Image 12_A_fs_Image Steel_Clippings_fs_Image
Short Shredded Scrap fs 12 A fs Steel Clippings fs
Steelturnings_fs_Image UBC_Baled_Steel_Cans_fs_Image UBC_Loose_Steel_Cans_fs_Image
Steelturnings fs UBC Baled Steel Cans fs UBC Loose Steel Cans fs
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